2016 GMC Sierra 1500

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The Sierra 1500 has made major upgrades since its previous year. From technology to safety, the Sierra has got all fields covered. If you’ve been considering a Sierra, here are a few reasons why you should give the Sierra 1500 a look.

1. Powerful engines

The Sierra has three different engines to choose from.

  • 4.3L EcoTec3 V-6 VVT DI
  • 5.3L EcoTec3 V-8 VVT DI
  • 6.2L EcoTec3 V-8 VVT DI

The 4.3L pushes out 285 horsepower, the 5.3L pushes out 355hp and the 6.2L pushes out 420hp.

2. Fuel Economy

The 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 gets on average 18/24 mpg in the city and on the highway. That is considerably better than a lot of the trucks out on the road today!

3. Nearly Silent Ride

On the 2016 Sierra 1500, you’ll find multiple sound-suppressing features. Upgrades like:

  • Under-floor insulation
  • triple door seals
  • Valved Exhaust System
  • Magnetic Ride Control suspension
  • Carpeted wheel wells
  • Hydraulic mounting system

4. Attractive Interior

There is plenty of space for the driver and passengers to stretch out. The 2016 GMC Sierra allows you to drive in comfort on long road trips or just your daily commute. The dash and console has big buttons and is easy to maneuver from feature to feature.

5. Responsive Infotainment System

The 2016 GMC Sierra comes with IntelliLink. This system provides navigation, music, and so much more. Features like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto allow you to mirror your phone while keeping your eyes on the road. This infotainment system is super easy to maneuver and its navigation system works great!

Capital Holiday Spirit


With snow on the ground, baking in the oven, and decorations in our homes every year, it can be easy to take our holiday traditions for granted. But for those living from paycheque to paycheque, or in need of shelter, Christmas can be an impossible luxury. While we celebrate the holiday season as a family at Capital GMC Buick Cadillac, it’s important to remember our responsibility to make sure everyone in our community can meet their basic needs. It takes very little to brighten someone’s Christmas, and there are a number of ways for you to get involved:

  • Donate to a food bank or a local family in need
  • Participate in the Adopt-A-Family Children’s Foundation charity where you will get the fantastic opportunity to sponsor a family and give them an amazing Christmas
  • Volunteer at the food bank or a similar foundation
  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter, children’s hospital, or retirement home to bring a little holiday cheer to the animals and people there

Every year, St. Augustine school in Regina holds a Christmas dinner for their students. This includes those at the Jean Vanier School where students with significant intensive needs receive education in academics, communication, and self-care. This year, the Capital Automall is proud to partner with St. Augustine school in bringing their 400+ students a little holiday cheer. Providing food, gifts, and volunteer support, we’re all excited to help make a small difference and we hope the rest of you will join us in showing our holiday spirit this year and in the future.

All-Season vs. Winter Tires

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It’s that time of year again. The ice and snow slow traffic down, vehicles are in the ditch, and everyone is bundled right up! Yes, that dreaded -40 weather is here and it has us all dreaming of escaping to a hot beach down in Mexico. Sadly, we can’t run away all winter to an exotic location to keep away from the freezing cold but we can make it a little easier for us. Getting in an accident in our winter months can be dangerous and sometimes fatal so they best way to keep us away from the ditch and away from sliding into someone is by getting great tires for the cold. The debate for as long as I can remember has always been Winter or All-Season tires. Here are a few details about each tire to help you choose the best tire for you.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires provide grip in wet/snowy conditions. They also allow you have stable handling and even tread wear. All-Seasons are also better known as a 3-season tire. Though they do fairly well in the winter they lack compared to a winter tire. All-seasons are meant more for the beginning signs of winter like light snowfall and slush, but when it comes to ice and get through deep snow they become almost useless. They were tested and manufactured during “winter months” in southern states that don’t experience the same winters as we do here in Saskatchewan. So, sure, they’re great for a winter in Cali, but they will not help when the windchill is -36 Celsius and the streets are pure ice.


Winter Tires

Winter tires excel in snow and ice. These tires are meant to perform in snow, ice, slush, sleet, and cold but dry weather. The reason why winter tires are superior compared to all-season or summer tires is the tread and material they are made out of; the special design allows for the tires to travel through the snow with ease and the material is a soft rubber material which expands in the cold for better grip. The tread also reduces the snow build up and allows for the driver to be more confident on the road.

It’s safe to say if you live in Saskatchewan you should have winter tires on your vehicle by the time the winter months hit. Better traction means fewer accidents and that’s something everyone likes to hear!

Talk to our Service Department about the right tires for your vehicle and when you should have them switched over for the proper season.


Why Your Car Hates Winter as Much as You

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Winter can be as hard on your vehicle as it is on you, even if the signs are a little less obvious (your truck can’t cry in front of the fireplace, clinging to a coffee mug). Here are a few reasons winter is tough on vehicles, and ways that you can help.

Summer Tire Wear

Living in Saskatchewan, the primary reason for switching to winter tires is obvious: it’s better to stay on the road than slide off of it like a shuffleboard. But, even for experienced drivers who choose to leave their summer tires on, cold weather can be costly. When the temperature falls, even 7o can do it, accelerated tire-wear will begin to show on your summer set. Unlike more flexible winter tires, summer tires are built to withstand heat, not salt, sand, and ice. In the long run, using one set of tires will not save you money because you’ll be replacing them more often.

Frozen Fuel Lines

The sound of an engine failing to turn over might be the seasonal anthem of Saskatchewan winters. To make sure their vehicles start every day, most drivers know to plug in their block heater overnight and to keep their battery fully charged by avoiding short trips. One problem drivers might not be aware of is a frozen fuel line. In sub-zero temperatures, moisture-rich air in the gas tank, mixed with fuel, can freeze. When the freezing occurs along the fuel line, it becomes impossible to start the vehicle. Keeping the gas tank full helps prevent this problem by limiting the amount of moisture in the gas tank. Plus, having plenty of fuel ensures you never get stranded in the cold!

Hold the Salt

Although we’re grateful when city crews spread salt and sand around major roadways, the material can be as hard on your car as it is on the ice. In particular, as it’s sprayed up by your tires, salt will damage the exterior of your vehicle. The salt used on the road lowers the freezing point of water to prevent the formation of ice. But this property also means that salt can extremely corrosive, and promote rust with prolonged exposure. Underneath your vehicle, rust damage can lead to costly fluid leaks. On the exterior, rust damage is unsightly and will hurt the resale value of your vehicle. In order to combat rust-damage, all you need to do is wash your vehicle monthly in winter – just make sure you don’t freeze your doors shut!

Winter Driving

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1. Winter tires

We know how crazy Saskatchewan winters can be. That means slippery roads, snow storms and lots of vehicles in the ditch. This is the perfect time to save you and your vehicle by getting winter tires. You may be like me and think your all-season tires are just fine, but that is not the case. All-season tires are actually meant for 3-seasons, excluding winter. You need a tire that is going to gain grip the colder it gets and winter tires do just that!

2. Lift your wipers

Here’s a super simple tip that can actually go a super long way. Lifting your wipers when you leave your vehicle will make it easier when it comes time wiping your windshield. Why else is this a good idea? Well this can actually help prevent your blades motor from burning out. Trying to turn your wipers on when they are frozen to your windshield can actually wreak the rubber on the blade and cause damage to it. If you lift your wipers they wont be able to get stuck to your windshield.

3. Turn off the cruise control

We all know that roads are icy in winter and sometimes we can’t even see it. Driving on cruise control can become very dangerous because your foot is off the gas and brake. Trying to slow down on ice and snow takes loner then clear hot conditions so if you need to make a sure you have full control of your vehicle at all times.

4. Getting Stuck

Last but not least, make sure you’re always ready for an emergency. Store blankets, snacks, extra clothing, gloves, shovel, and anything else you think you might need if you get stuck and might have to stay put for awhile. When leaving the house in winter remind yourself to bundle up.