The GM Technical Centre Expands

On January 30, more than 70 members of the Business Council of Canada convened at the Canadian Technical Centre’s Markham Campus. They were gathered to celebrate the announcement that GM’s research and engineering operations in the city would be broadened. A complement to the automaker’s Oshawa Campus, the Markham facility will focus on a range of software projects.

GM Technical Centre

By expanding the GM Technical Centre in Markham, GM will be focusing their efforts on what they call “advanced mobility innovation.” That includes things like autonomous tech, vehicle dynamics systems, infotainment systems, and connectivity features. As it stands, Markham is home to well over 1,000 technology companies. In addition to being a technological hub, Markham is less than an hour from GM’s headquarters in Oshawa. Consequently, the expansion of the conveniently situated complex should come as no surprise. By the time GM completes it, the 150,000 sq.-ft complex will have a capacity of 700 employees. Already, 180 employees are working on site.

The creation of jobs in the automotive sphere will be welcome news to many Canadians. Considerable anxiety has followed Donald Trump’s promises to bring automotive jobs back to the United States. But, if Carlisle’s words hold true, these jobs are in no danger: “we are excited to be giving Canada’s best and brightest software engineers opportunities to help define some of the most important mobile technology changes in a generation. Canada’s focus on innovation, talent development and partnerships with the academic sector all bode very well for the future.”

Bright Future

If nothing else, GM’s focus on autonomous tech should have drivers excited. GM vehicles already have a suite of exciting driver-assistance features. The 2017 GMC Terrain, for example, has available Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning, Rear-Cross Traffic Alert, Rear Vision Camera, and Side Blind Zone Alert. Surrounding you with 360 degrees of protection adds a futuristic surreality to driving. Now, with GM assembling hundreds of Canada’s best software developers, you can only imagine what the actual future of driving will feel like.

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Still Canada’s #1 GM Dealer

Capital GMC Buick Cadillac is the #1 GM Dealer in Canada.

Canada’s #1 GM Dealer

In 2017, Capital earned the title of Canada’s #1 GM dealer for the eighth straight year! We were also named DealerRater’s Dealer of the Year for GMC, Buick, and Cadillac Saskatchewan, as well as Dealer of the Year for GMC Canada! We also set the world record for most “dealers” per paragraph!


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First-Class Lineup

It doesn’t hurt that we sell vehicles we believe in. GMC’s lineup has the dependability and performance to satisfy any professional-grade task. Buick and Cadillac, meanwhile, have literally hundreds of years of combined experience in the auto industry. The Buick lineup exudes sophistication, while Cadillac vehicles are the proven kings of the road. Whether you prioritize fuel economy, dependability, speed, or style (or all of the above), you’ll find the right vehicle in our inventory.

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Buick Safety: 5 Stars

Buick Safety: 5 stars
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Buick safety is well respected. In 2017, Buick safety ratings back that up. The company’s entire lineup received 5 stars from the NHTSA. This is the third consecutive year Buick has achieved maximum safety ratings for their entire lineup.

Buick Safety

Buick was able to continue its impressive run even as they introduced four new vehicles in 2016. The company redesigned the lineup to appeal to a younger generation of drivers. With an emphasis on sleek, modern design, Buick is picking up momentum. Through September 2016, Buick had sold 1,046,746 vehicles for the year. In 113 years, that was the fastest they’d ever reached the mark. And yet, despite the brand’s renaissance, a dedication to safety and reliability has remained fundamental.

For example, Buick’s flagship sedan, the LaCrosse, became bigger and more athletic for the 2017 model year. However, the sedan has maintained its stellar safety record. According to Buick, the achievement is owed to “the use of stronger, lighter press-hardened and high-strength steels.”

What Does 5-Star Really Mean?

In determining Safety Ratings the NHTSA puts vehicles through the following:

  • Frontal Crash Test Scenario
  • Side Barrier Crash Test Scenario
  • Side Pole Crash Test Scenario
  • Rollover Resistance Test Scenario

After each test, engineers test the dummies for a variety of injuries. The NHTSA only gives 5-Star ratings to vehicles that protect drivers in the most dangerous kinds of collisions.

Ultimately, the ratings show Buick’s long-standing commitment to safety has remained intact. This is all the more impressive considering they’ve modernized their line-up’s image. Drivers would be wise to take advantage of Buick’s combination of reliability and style before others start to clue in.

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