GM Marketplace: Buy Coffee From Your Center Console

GM Marketplace

GM Marketplace

Millions of GM vehicles in the United States just received a wireless update to their infotainment software. This achievement is impressive in itself. It’s only possible because GM included OnStar 4G LTE WiFi in nearly all of its 2017 vehicles. But the purpose of the update was to add the GM Marketplace application. Per GM, Marketplace “allows drivers to browse deals and place orders through an in-dash touchscreen with several major brands such as Starbucks Corp., TGI Friday’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts Inc.” In other words, drivers will be able to do things like order coffee and pay for gas before they arrive, making errands significantly more convenient.

GM decided to partner with businesses that makes sense for users. In North America, coffee is part of 80% of commutes (I made that figure up), so partnering with Starbucks makes sense. And allowing people to complete small errands without exiting their vehicle makes sense in a world obsessed with convenience… and commuting: “The average American spends 46 minutes per day on the road driving. Leveraging connectivity and our unique data capabilities, we have an opportunity to make every trip more productive and give our customers time back,” said Santiago Chamorro, vice president for Global Connected Customer Experience, GM.

The ability to order Tim Horton’s in your car would shorten the 7:50 drive-through line, and thrust GM into the rarefied Canadian air previously reserved for Alexander Graham Bell and Wayne Gretzky. Well, that’s if we can ignore the overwhelming safety concerns.

Distracted Driving

Ostensibly, adding more reasons for drivers to stare at a screen instead of the road concerns safety advocates. Each year, the “infotainment” screens in cars get bigger. In a Tesla, drivers control all functions ancillary to driving on a center-mounted touchscreen. It has no knobs or buttons. Without any tactile differentiation, you can’t just reach for a familiar control. While that technology becomes normalised, the average driver insists that it’s no problem and that he is capable of multitasking.

However, I’ve met the average driver. Let me assure you, he’s incapable of changing the radio station while remaining in the center of his lane. Consequently, asking him to order a soy milk latte with an espresso shot would be like asking a straight-jacketed Houdini to file your taxes as he drowns in a glass box. Although, in that analogy, the only person in danger is Houdini, instead of the countless drivers and pedestrians around him.


Within ten years, ordering coffee may be one of the least complicated tasks you can do in your car. That’s because self-driving vehicles are about to take over the roads. GM has partnered with Cruise Automation to make sure that their autonomous vehicles are among the first. Their current prototypes have already demonstrated complete autonomy in closed environments. Before long, they’ll be heading out on the open road. Then, their former drivers will be free to do whatever they like during their morning commute.

GM Marketplace is not yet available in Canada. So, you’ll still have to sit in the drive-through and yell your order over the rearward diesel rumble like a caveman. But you can content yourself with WiFi, wireless charging, Bose Audio, automatic high beams, automatic braking, automatic parking, and Surround Vision for the time being.



Why Shop at Capital Cadillac?

Buy a CadillacWhy Buy a Cadillac?

Before you decide where to buy a Cadillac, you need to decide to buy a Cadillac. Fortunately, that’s not a very difficult decision. Cadillac is a legendary name in North American auto. And, although there was a time when the brand relied too much on its history, that time has passed. Cadillac has inarguably rediscovered the fiercely innovative spirit that cemented it as North America’s foremost automaker.

Let’s take a small example from Cadillac’s interior construction. The soft materials in each vehicle are cut and sewn by hand. This is by no means the easiest way to do things. But it is the best way to ensure that every Cadillac is defined by impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Because a true luxury experience is the sum of hundreds of parts working invisibly. When you drive a new Cadillac everything contributes to your enjoyment of the drive, and nothing interrupts your appreciation.

Cadillac technology

The current Cadillac lineup is full of the latest technology. Take the 2018 Cadillac CT6, for example. With hands-free parking, your CT6 will find you a parking spot on a busy roadway and guide you in. All you have to do is accelerate and brake. However, relative to the 2018 CT6’s available infrared Night Vision sensors, hands-free parking is pretty boring. Night Vision uses thermal technology which scans the road for pedestrians and large animals. Super Cruise, meanwhile, is one of the most advanced autonomous driving systems widely available for consumers. It allows drivers to take their hands off the wheel and enjoy the ride in select driving situations while the car drives itself.

The impressive level of innovation also extends to your comfort and convenience. The CT6 has an available  Bose Panaray sound system with 34 speaker individual speakers located around the cabin. The result is the most immersive, concert-like sound experience in the automotive world. You’ll also find other systems like OnStar 4G LTE WiFi and wireless charging mats which are standard in every new Cadillac.

Why Shop at Capital Cadillac?

It starts with the lowest prices in Western Canada and an unmatched inventory. At any given time, we have approximately 100 new Cadillacs for you to choose from, ranging from the rugged ATS sport sedan and the refined XT5 crossover to the King of SUVs, the Cadillac Escalade. Occasionally, Capital Cadillac is even home to vehicles from Cadillac’s V-Series performance lineup.

No matter which vehicle you choose, you get the benefit of some of the lowest prices in Western Canada. And, as an owner, you get access to our award-winning Service Department.

The Cadillac of Service

At many dealerships, the moment you take delivery of a new vehicle is the same moment your excellent customer service vanishes. At Capital Cadillac, we understand that the sales process is just the beginning of your relationship with your vehicle – and your dealer. That’s why we aim to continue to deliver care, honesty, and first-class service throughout your ownership.

Speaking of service, when you shop with Capital, you get the benefit of Capital GMC Buick Cadillac’s award-winning Service Department. Our technicians have achieved Master, Grand Master, and Gold Grand Master certifications from GM Canada and know your vehicle like no one else. Even if your Cadillac only needs routine scheduled maintenance, it’s in the best hands possible.


The Tire Service and Maintenance Guide

Tire service and maintenance

The Tire Service and Maintenance Guide

Everybody knows that tires are integral their vehicle’s performance and safety. Regardless, most people don’t even think about their tires except when scheduling their biannual seasonal rubber changeover or fixing a flat. Here’s everything you need to know about tire service and care.

Cost of Inflation

Keeping your tires properly inflated has a number of benefits. First, having the correct PSI improves your fuel economy. Second, having correctly inflated tires decreases your stopping distance and improves handling. I don’t need to explain why being able to maneuver and stop effectively is important for your overall safety on the road. Finally, keeping your tires at right pressure reduces the risk of getting a flat, and generally prolongs the tread life.

To get the best from your tires, you should be checking your tire pressure at least once a month. However, fluctuations in air temperature cause the pressure to change quickly, so if the weather has suddenly changed, you might want to check again.

If you haven’t been keeping an eye on proper inflation, your tires will tell the story. Excessive wearing on the outside shoulders suggests under inflation. Excessive wear along the center suggests your tires are overinflated. The fix is simple, inflate your tires properly!

Don’t fill your tires up to the maximum pressure indicated on the sidewall. That’s not the ideal driving pressure. Ideal driving pressure is indicated on a sticker in the doorwell as well as in your owner’s manual. Unfortunately, you can’t fix all tire wear issues so easily.


Despite what you may have heard, nitrogen is not an incredible mystery element. Our air contains 78% nitrogen and less than 21% oxygen, so your tires are already “filled with nitrogen.” However, getting your tires inflated with pure nitrogen does have an advantage.

Namely, nitrogen is less susceptible to changes in temperature than oxygen. That means the pressure in your tires won’t change that dramatically with the weather. As a bonus, because filling your tires with pure nitrogen involves repeatedly flushing the air, you’ll also end up with less water inside your tires. Water can change pressure like oxygen and it corrodes your wheels.

Serious Tire Wear

Unfortunately, even consistently well-inflated tires can suffer wear problems. If you notice that your tire wear is uneven (one side and not the other, or seemingly random), you may have bigger problems to worry about.

If you excessive tire wear on one side of the tire, you most likely have alignment problems. A wheel alignment is relatively inexpensive and will improve your steering and increase the life of your tires. Excessive single-side tire wear can also be caused by various damaged parts at the front of your vehicle like ball joints and the suspension. Bring your car to a trusted mechanic – it should be easy to diagnose.

If you notice seemingly random or erratic wear, there are probably greater underlying problems. Wheel bearings, poorly mounted wheels, and suspension problems are all likely culprits. Of course, most people aren’t going to get on their knees to diagnose mysterious tire wear. Fortunately, you can just take your vehicle to your trusted mechanic, or whomever performs your tire service, and he or she will diagnose the issue with little difficulty.  

Right Tires for the Season

An obvious tip for prolonging the life of your tires is to use the right tire in the right season. Most importantly, remove your winter tires before it gets too warm outside. Winter tires are comprised of pliable rubber, that remains flexible in cold temperatures. But in summer, the rubber expands and becomes extremely soft, making it susceptible to road wear. So, take your winter tires off when the temperature reaches seven degrees or you’ll greatly decrease the life of your tires.

Follow these tips to stay safe and prolong the life of your tires. Click here to learn more about the tire service we offer. Did you know that Capital GMC Buick Cadillac offers a 30-Day Tire Price Match Guarantee?

The Sierra 2500HD Denali All Mountain

Sierra 2500HD Denali All Mountain

Last year, GMC built a completely customised GMC Sierra with tank treads for crushing the powder at Whistler Ski Resort in British Columbia. But that arctic warrior has been put to shame by the brand-new Sierra All-Mountain concept built on the bones of the Sierra 2500HD Denali.

Sierra 2500HD Denali All Mountain

GMC, as the official supplier of chairlift-replacing truck tanks, is adding the Sierra 2500HD Denali All Mountain to its fleet. This model will be on display at the Vail Ski Resort in Vail Colorado. As you can see from the picture, the most obvious enhancements are the Mattracks treads replacing the traditional wheels. Of course, they offer superior traction on ice and snow. But perhaps the greater benefit is the increased ground clearance. With a few extra inches of height, the All Mountain’s body remains above deep snow drifts.

Under the hood is the available 6.6L Duramax turbodiesel V8. It produces 445 horsepower and an insane 910 lb.-ft. of torque. Needless to say, it’s more than powerful enough to rip up and down the slopes. It also gets the Allison 1000 6-speed transmission with It even has Auto Grade Braking which automatically downshifts to help with engine braking downhill.

GMC included tons of official accessories that can be installed by your GMC dealer.

  • Sierra sport bar
  • Off-road step bars
  • Soft roll-up tonneau cover by Advantage
  • Premium floor liners
  • Ski/bike carrier by Thule
  • Lund bed-extender

Play Hard

The GMC Sierra HD lineup is about professional-grade performance. But the Danli trim level is about climbing the peak of style and comfort. So, it’s no surprise that the Sierra All Mountain has a few party tricks up its sleeves. Take the functional-looking sportbar, for example. It features a custom integrated KICKER amplifier and sound system into the sport bar. If you want to partake in some night skiing, the All Mountain features a wheel-well and underbody LED light package.

Of course, it also has snowboard and ski racks. And for style (and a little practicality), GMC tacked on a RIGID E-Series 30” lightbar. Finally, it’s hard to ignore the custom mountain graphics surrounding the exterior.

At the end of the day, GMC’s partnership with Vail is a great way to showcase the automaker’s innovation, dependability, and style. If you happen to hit the slopes this year, consider skipping the gondola queue.

Visit Capital Customs to build your own All Mountain machine (we don’t have any Mattracks in stock right now, so don’t ask).

Motor Oil and Oil Change 101

Motor oil and oil change 101

Motor Oil and Oil Change 101

It’s nearly 2018, a year that promises amazing technological advances like automated driving and hover cars. And the average person can easily learn about those technologies thanks to information-sharing power of the internet. And yet, some drivers on the road don’t understand what their engine oil does, how often they need an oil change, and what will happen if they don’t replace it. If you are one of those drivers, don’t worry – I won’t tell anyone. Read ahead to find out everything you need to know about motor oil and oil changes.

What Does Engine Oil Do?

In the simplest terms, engine oil lubricates the parts in your engine. Without engine oil, pieces of metal would just be scraping against one another until they welded together or literally melted (it wouldn’t take long). Motor oil also cools the engine and cleans rust, dust, and contaminants from your engine. With these critical responsibilities, motor oil is as important as gasoline for your vehicle.

Synthetic Oil Vs. Conventional Oil

You probably know that there are two main kinds of oil, conventional and synthetic. Conventional oil is crude oil from the ground that is then refined. Synthetic oil is refined, but it is also purified and distilled into uniformly-sized molecules. Those molecules produce less friction and heat as they interact in your engine. Considering that engine oil is designed to cool and lubricate, that’s a good thing. Synthetic oil is also free of paraffin which inhibits the flow of conventional oil. But which should you use?

Quite simply, synthetic oil performs better and lasts longer. Even if your manufacturer does not expressly recommend that you use synthetic oil, you should consider it. But, all motor oil from major brands is sufficiently advanced to provide effective lubrication and cooling. If you want to save some money and stick with the conventional oil recommended by your manufacturer, you shouldn’t suffer any serious consequences.

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

A great number of variables affect oil change intervals, so it’s not possible to provide a one-size-fits-all answer. If you have your oil changed by a professional, they will likely provide you with a sticker indicating when you should return for another oil change. And, of course, your owner’s manual will have its own oil change schedule. You can follow that provided two things remains true.

First, you have to be using the type of oil recommended in the same manual. If you switch from conventional oil to high-mileage synthetic (or vice-versa), your manufacturer’s suggestions will no longer apply.

Second, you should only follow the oil change interval schedule if you drive in a “normal” fashion. Abnormal driving habits include any of the following:

  • Frequent cold starts
  • Aggressive acceleration
  • Short driving trips
  • Medium to short driving trips in the cold
  • High-speed driving
  • Excessive idling
  • Towing or hauling
  • Driving in dusty or polluted regions

A few of those habits are pretty unavoidable for Saskatchewan drivers – especially those whose vehicles spend time outside. That means you should probably be changing your oil more frequently than the owner’s manual suggest.

If you’re lucky enough to have technology in your vehicle that determines oil change frequency, use that as an indicator. It’s no longer necessary to change your oil every 5,000 kms if your vehicle is equipped with this technology. The Oil Life monitor is a complex system that uses your driving habits, conditions, engine speeds and temperatures, and several other factors. A truck towing trailers regularly will need an oil change sooner than a vehicle used for highway and city driving. The vehicle will display a message to the driver with an accurate calculation stating when to change oil or how much oil life remains. Although the science is there to determine oil change frequency, it’s important to check your oil levels regularly. And if you change your own oil, remember to reset the oil life monitor so you don’t get a false “change oil soon” message. 

Your Filter, Too

If your oil change interval is longer than the life of your filter, you can harm your engine. Dirty oil from your engine passes through the filter and then reenters the engine. A healthy filter removes contaminants to help your engine remain clean and efficient. An expired filter can’t do this effectively. So, get a filter that lasts as long as your oil – the factory-trained technicians at Capital GMC always provide you with an appropriate filter for your high-quality oil.  

If you have any other questions about your engine oil, our technicians will be happy to answer them for you.