Next Level Luxury: Buick Avenir

Buick Avenir Trim

Buick is making a major comeback. What used to be known as a “grandpa car” is making huge strides in tearing that reputation apart and making its own stamp on the current market. One way is taking the luxury the next level. In order to bring Buick to the next level in luxury, General Motors introduced Avenir models to the 2018 lineup.

Buick Reputation

We’ve all heard it – Buick is for old people. That is just absolutely not true. Buick has been working hard to get rid of their old reputation and market to a younger generation looking for a luxurious ride instead of the same old thing all their peers are driving. Perhaps Buick’s rep was founded on the absolute reliability and dependability of the Buick lineup? Or it could be that it’s consistently listed as a top safety pick? Well, who doesn’t want those things? Buick’s vehicle designs and model additions in recent years has people of all ages interested in driving a Buick. More and more people are drawn to the Encore, an SUV perfect for the city. Others love the space and style in the new Envision. With people of all ages and all types of vehicle needs, Buick has stylish options for everyone.

The Luxurious Buick Avenir Line

The first Avenir trim vehicles were introduced for the 2018 lineup. The Buick Enclave and Buick LaCrosse were given the prestigious Avenir badge. It’s not just a badge, though. The Avenir trim is a timeless design distinguished with crafted interior and the best in convenience. The Avenir brings a whole new level of luxury.

Buick Avenir InteriorInterior

When you step inside Buick Avenir, you’re surrounded by rich leather seating, wood accents, and small touches that add a sense of refinement and class to your daily drive. The elevated luxury extends to the connectivity – stay connected in style with a sleek Infotainment system that keeps your focus on the road.

Buick Avenir Exterior


Distinct styling distinguishes Buick Avenir from the others, but also from other Buicks. The subtle styling in the 3-dimensional Black Ice mesh grille and intricate chrome wings give the Avenir a stylish upgrade. Sitting atop exclusive 20” wheels, the Avenir boasts its name with scripted sill places on its doors.

2018 Buick Enclave AvenirBuick Enclave Avenir

When you think of modern elegance, you should be thinking about the Enclave Avenir. It truly represents the highest expression of Buick luxury. Exclusive features and styling adds refinement and comfort to an already incredible SUV. A wireless charging mat keeps your phone charged without cords or hassle.

Exclusive chestnut leather interior with ebony accents work in harmony to create a welcoming and harmonious interior. Real wood accents add another touch of luxury. With seating for up to 7, there’s room for everyone in the first-class interior of the Buick Enclave Avenir.

2018 Buick LaCrosse Avenir

Buick LaCrosse Avenir

Blending elegance and craftsmanship is the Buick way, and no corners were cut with the incredible LaCrosse Avenir. Amenities in the Buick LaCrosse Avenir are premium materials and offer a driving experience that rises above your expectations. The LaCrosse Avenir’s flowing design is accentuated by a stunning and sophisticated mesh grille in an exclusive Black Ice finish with chrome wings.

Step inside the Avenir and experience the warmth of comfort and elegance. Premium amenities await; the panoramic power sunroof, exclusive Chestnut leather, and connectivity. On the road, it’s all smooth sailing with premium suspension available in the Dynamic Drive Package.

Get Your Hands on a Buick Avenir

At the time of publication, we’re sold out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your very own Avenir trim Buick. Our team can help you order yours right from the factory to suit your preferences and needs. You can even add extras like the Dynamic Drive Package, which upgrades the suspension, wheels, and provides Continuously Variable Real-Time Damping for a smooth ride.

What is your favourite Avenir feature?

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