What If Car Ads Were Like Animal Adoptions?

These good cars need a loving home. Are they a good match for you?

Animals come into your life and make it better. Sometimes, animals are given up for whatever reason and need to find a new home. It’s the same thing for used cars! They’re still plenty useful and like new in most cases. These pre-loved vehicles are sitting on our lot, just waiting for someone like you to take them home and give them the love they deserve! Sit back and check out these adoptable vehicles available at Capital GMC.

Sierra, the Go-Getter


This girl’s got a lot of gas in the tank. She’s ready for anything and needs to get out for her daily ride to keep her happy and healthy. A hard-worker at heart, Sierra is capable of towing, hauling, and still going strong for a night on the town. Keep her visiting the Service Department on a regular basis for check-ups and she’ll never let you down. If the unexpected happens, she’ll keep you safe too. Quick as a cat, the safety features react faster than you to prevent a collision or protect you when it’s unavoidable. Sierra will take you to work or the lake with ease and even a cross-country trek would make this kitty purr.

Cherrie, the Charmer

Sleek and elegant, the Grand Cherokee will complete your family. Full of energy, this SUV will get you where you’re going in style. The Grand Cherokee litter comes from a long line of SUVs so utility runs through her veins like blood. Strong and spacious, this charming and luxurious breed emits a powerful aura that takes you to new places – literally. A sense of adventure is inevitable when you’re with the Grand Cherokee; the mountains or the lake, her power can take you anywhere. Cherrie the Grand Cherokee is good company too. She will keep you connected to your tunes and navigate you when you’re lost (and won’t admit it). If you want something a little smaller, her little sister, the Cherokee, has an amazing personality and is ready to have a ton of fun with her new owner.

Cal, the Exquisite

Cal, the Cadillac CTS Sedan, is ready for a home that is willing to offer the utmost TLC. He loves to be clean and shiny to show off his paint and loves to be driven to show off his sound. He makes life relaxing for his owner: luxurious leather seating and power-adjustable seating puts you comfortably in the driver’s seat. If you are looking for an attractive ride, the Cadillac is it. He can walk the walk too; the Cadillac CTS is built with performance in mind. Brembo brakes and a turbocharged engine will make your heart flutter. Whether you’re on the highway or just going for dinner, this puppy will give you that exhilarating feeling you want from a car.

Cara, the Family Van

A true addition to the family is the Dodge Grand Caravan. Cara(van) is the perfect sidekick for the fam: you’ve got space for everything and everyone. Loyal and reliable, this Dodge will not be dodging the hard work; take the kids to their games and pack all their equipment in the back without issues. Fetch the crew from the movies. Renovate the house and store all your supplies in the back. Take a trip to Costco and don’t worry about having room to fit all your groceries. Versatile and comfortable, Cara is happy to accommodate all your needs.

Polly, the Lovable

Not many vehicles can last decades as a crowd favourite, but the lovable Chevrolet Impala can. Polly the Impala has been around for many years as a reliable full-size machine that continues to impress its owners with new technology, new designs, and a familiarity that makes drivers feel welcome. Polly the Impala offers a wealth of premium features to offer comfort and luxury, without breaking the bank including leather options, remote keyless entry, and a powerful, yet fuel-saving 2.5L I4 engine. Take her for a test drive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Terri, the Trooper

Some vehicles are there just to get the job done. Terri the GMC Terrain is not that vehicle. This trooper will get things done and look good doing it. Plus she will save you money on fuel! This All-Wheel Drive star wants to prove that she’s more than just an SUV, she’s a part of your family and she wants to make sure you get where you need to be. Terrains have changed their exterior in 2018 but not their heart. Terri is a hard-working utility vehicle that will work and play.

Stan, the Superstar

Showstopper. Stunner. Superstar. Stan the Mustang is all of these and more. Nobody keeps Baby in the corner; Stan is all about having fun and living life to the fullest. Listen to the engine purr when you catch him throughout the city playing games with the fellas or when he’s hard at work on the racetrack, if you can call it work. He calls it a good time. The only time you’ll hear him bark is when he’s near a CorVETte. His bark is loud and so is his bite; a powerful engine lurks underneath the beauty of the exterior.

We have an entire inventory of adoptable rides for you to choose from. Check out our entire used car inventory and adopt a new ride for your family today!

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