First Experience: The 2019 Cadillac XT4

We cannot stop talking about the XT4, Cadillac’s exciting new luxury SUV. It’s the newest addition to their current lineup and Capital Cadillac was honoured to attend the first showing of it last month (August). We sent Sales Manager, Dillan Kuntz and our Cadillac Manager, Kevin Gatschene to Calgary, AB for a first-hand experience. Dillan explains just how amazing it was:

Why Shop at Capital Cadillac?

Buy a CadillacWhy Buy a Cadillac?

Before you decide where to buy a Cadillac, you need to decide to buy a Cadillac. Fortunately, that’s not a very difficult decision. Cadillac is a legendary name in North American auto. And, although there was a time when the brand relied too much on its history, that time has passed. Cadillac has inarguably rediscovered the fiercely innovative spirit that cemented it as North America’s foremost automaker.

Let’s take a small example from Cadillac’s interior construction. The soft materials in each vehicle are cut and sewn by hand. This is by no means the easiest way to do things. But it is the best way to ensure that every Cadillac is defined by impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Because a true luxury experience is the sum of hundreds of parts working invisibly. When you drive a new Cadillac everything contributes to your enjoyment of the drive, and nothing interrupts your appreciation.

Cadillac technology

The current Cadillac lineup is full of the latest technology. Take the 2018 Cadillac CT6, for example. With hands-free parking, your CT6 will find you a parking spot on a busy roadway and guide you in. All you have to do is accelerate and brake. However, relative to the 2018 CT6’s available infrared Night Vision sensors, hands-free parking is pretty boring. Night Vision uses thermal technology which scans the road for pedestrians and large animals. Super Cruise, meanwhile, is one of the most advanced autonomous driving systems widely available for consumers. It allows drivers to take their hands off the wheel and enjoy the ride in select driving situations while the car drives itself.

The impressive level of innovation also extends to your comfort and convenience. The CT6 has an available  Bose Panaray sound system with 34 speaker individual speakers located around the cabin. The result is the most immersive, concert-like sound experience in the automotive world. You’ll also find other systems like OnStar 4G LTE WiFi and wireless charging mats which are standard in every new Cadillac.

Why Shop at Capital Cadillac?

It starts with the lowest prices in Western Canada and an unmatched inventory. At any given time, we have approximately 100 new Cadillacs for you to choose from, ranging from the rugged ATS sport sedan and the refined XT5 crossover to the King of SUVs, the Cadillac Escalade. Occasionally, Capital Cadillac is even home to vehicles from Cadillac’s V-Series performance lineup.

No matter which vehicle you choose, you get the benefit of some of the lowest prices in Western Canada. And, as an owner, you get access to our award-winning Service Department.

The Cadillac of Service

At many dealerships, the moment you take delivery of a new vehicle is the same moment your excellent customer service vanishes. At Capital Cadillac, we understand that the sales process is just the beginning of your relationship with your vehicle – and your dealer. That’s why we aim to continue to deliver care, honesty, and first-class service throughout your ownership.

Speaking of service, when you shop with Capital, you get the benefit of Capital GMC Buick Cadillac’s award-winning Service Department. Our technicians have achieved Master, Grand Master, and Gold Grand Master certifications from GM Canada and know your vehicle like no one else. Even if your Cadillac only needs routine scheduled maintenance, it’s in the best hands possible.


Lessons From a Nearly Fatal Crash

2017 GMC Sierra Kodiak

On Friday, July 28th, Lindsay P. was driving west on a dirt road near Wadena and highway 5 leading to her home. She was behind the wheel of a 2017 GMC Sierra that her father had purchased only weeks earlier from Capital GMC. Luckily, Lindsay had left her own vehicle, a 2008 Pontiac Torrent at home. In front of her, a truck had been spreading gravel along the road while the RM was cutting grass in the adjacent ditch. Around 3 P.M., two vehicles passed Lindsay going the opposite direction, kicking up a cloud of dust. In the dust, Lindsay couldn’t see the gravel truck slowing to turn off the road.

The Crash

But Lindsay doesn’t actually remember the cars passing her. She doesn’t remember the cloud of dust. And she doesn’t remember seeing the brake lights of the gravel truck. That’s because Lindsay crashed into the back of it at full speed. Given the nature of the impact, and resulting injury to her head, her recollections are hazy. So, all of the details we have about the collision itself have been pieced together from the report of collision investigators and the accounts of witnesses. And, it’s very fortunate that those witnesses were on hand.

They were able to alert first responders who arrived shortly after the accident. By the time Lindsay regained consciousness in the ambulance, several hours had passed. When Lindsay finally arrived at the hospital in Saskatoon, doctors were able to assess the severity of her injuries. As it turned out, she had suffered a broken arm, burns from the airbag deployment, as well as countless cuts and abrasions. The wrist required a plate and some pins. But she considers herself lucky and avoided major surgery. Given the severity of the accident, testified by the compacted remains of her dad’s truck, a broken arm is far from the worst possible consequence.

The Aftermath

While the events surrounding Lindsay’s crash may be hazy, the result is certainly clear. The truck, a 2017 GMC Sierra, was destroyed. “The front end was pushed in so far that the engine was touching my knees,” says Lindsay. Additionally, the cab was pushed over the edge of the bed. The hood crumbled upward over the roof of the cab. Obviously, the damage was irreparable. Pictures of the wreckage are a grim reminder of the fact that things could have gone worse for Lindsay.

We asked her if she had any reservations about returning to the road. She replied that she had no memory of the accident, so she had no fear about getting back behind the wheel.

Back on the Road

But she did want to extend a message to her fellow drivers: “…beware of dry gravel roads. If your visibility is so bad that you can’t see anything due to dust, pull over and wait for it to settle. Also, I truly believe that I survived this accident because I was driving my dad’s Sierra and not my own SUV.”

There’s no doubt that full-sized pickups are one of the safest types of vehicle on the road. Their size, cabin heights, and reinforced steel frames make them stand out among other passenger vehicles in crash safety. And the Sierra is one of the finest members of the category. It has the highest rating in the moderate overlap front collision test from the IIHS, which is probably a good representation of the crash in which Lindsay was involved. And her limited injuries are the testament to the importance of those tests.


Capital GMC wishes Lindsay the best of luck in her recovery and encourages everyone to drive with caution and care.


Capital GMC Buick Cadillac is Denaliville

Denali is North America’s highest peak. Since 1999, Denali has also been the name of the GMC’s premium trim level. In other words, it is the pinnacle of professional grade. And now, Capital GMC Buick Cadillac is the home of Denaliville, bringing you closer to the peak.


The Denali trim is available on the Terrain, Acadia, Yukon, Canyon, and Sierra (and Sierra HD). In each vehicle, you get the best in performance, comfort, and technology. All Denali vehicles include an OnStar 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot. Each model also gets a custom, chrome Denali grille, flanked by LED signature lighting. Inside, you’ll find premium leather, French-stitched details, and aluminum accents. Your comfort will be compounded by the pristine silence of the Denali cabin.

Capital GMC Buick Cadillac: The Mark of Excellence

On April 7th, 2017, Capital GMC Buick Cadillac received four awards from General Motors Canada: Mark of Excellence.

Capital GMC Buick Cadillac won four awards through GM's Mark of Excellence

GM Mark of Excellence

  • #1 New & Pre-Owned Retailer
  • #1 Certified Pre-Owned Retailer
  • President’s Club Award
  • Top 16 in 16 Award

Obviously, the first two awards are self-explanatory, but the other two are not. The GM President’s Club award is a new distinction that recognizes the overall performance of a dealership on slightly more subjective grounds. Meanwhile, the Top 16 in 16 award recognizes the highest new vehicle sales volume in a given year.

Executives from GM Canada, including President Steve Carlisle, were on hand to personally congratulate the team on becoming the first ever Canadian dealership to receive all of GM’s awards of excellence in the same year.

Capital Auto Group President Bruce Axelson said,

“I think what’s most important is the staff we have and how they respect the investment and time of the customer, our staff all does that. They understand buying a car or servicing a car costs a lot of money, and we have always tried to be very respectful of that. The other benefit we enjoy is that we get lots of referrals and repeat customers, so that’s an endorsement of how we do things. People wouldn’t come back unless they felt safe with how we do things.”


The Mark of Excellence recognitions from GM’s head office are not the only awards the dealership has received this year. At the start of 2017, DealerRater named Capital GMC Buick Cadillac Saskatchewan Dealer of the Year for each of the three brands, and Canadian Dealer of the year for GMC. DealerRater awards are unique in that they are given out based on the feedback of actual customers. Consequently, they’re a testament to the great relationship between Capital GMC Buick Cadillac and its customers.

What It Means for You

Awards on the shelf are nice, but the average customer will wonder what it means for them. Well, here’s what you can expect when you come to Capital GMC:

  • A fun, easy, and transparent buying process
  • Low, fair prices on new and pre-owned vehicles
  • First-class service that does not end when you sign your papers

Ultimately, whether we continue to be recognized or not, we’ll stay focused on providing the best possible service to the people of Saskatchewan. The respect and trust of our customers is our mark of excellence.

Dare Greatly at Capital Cadillac

“The past is just that, past,” says the first slide on Cadillac’s Dare Greatly website. But they haven’t left the past behind.

Dare greatly at Capital Cadillac

Dare Greatly

Cadillac certainly do look to the past, but only at the spirit of innovation and forward-thinking that made them North America’s premiere automaker. From the invention of the electric starter in 1912 (which replaced hand cranks) to the first inclusion of GPS in 1996, Cadillac have a list of remarkable “firsts.” Those past achievements clearly set the bar high for the future of the company. But Cadillac is undoubtedly still taking risks in the pursuit of more industry firsts.

Super Cruise

Take the Super Cruise feature available later this year as an example. Super Cruise will allow the driver to take her hands off the wheel while on the highway. The system “ does full-speed range adaptive cruise control and lane centering, using cameras and other sensors to automatically steer and brake.” Super Cruise isn’t fully autonomous, though. When approaching turns, the system will alert the driver to retake control of their vehicle. Facial and eye tracking will both be used to ensure the driver remains attentive, ready to resume control should circumstances necessitate it. This will be added to the existing suite of autonomous and safety technology in the Cadillac lineup.

It’s not yet clear which vehicles Super Cruise will be added to, but there are few likely candidates. The CTS just added Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication. And the CT6 already has Cadillac’s most impressive array of technology. Nightvision, for example, uses radar and infrared sensors to identify pedestrians, animals, and obstacles in the dark and alerts the driver. Automatic parking and front pedestrian braking are also available as well as the 34-speaker Bose Panaray sound system with speaker mounted in the headrests. But it isn’t only the top end of Cadillac’s lineup that is benefitting from the company’s new/old ethos.

The Cadillac ATS

Consider the Cadillac ATS. With a standard 2.0L, 272-horsepower engine, and an available 3.6L V6 with 335 horsepower, the ATS is built to perform. The Auto Stop/Start technology in the engine is the invisible. In the competitor’s vehicles, you can feel the engine sag at red lights and shudder back to life when it turns green. Not in the ATS. Its components are working, even when they’re switched off. But to understand it only as a performance sedan, is to ignore its nuanced design.

No piece of the ATS arrests your immersion. You feel the steering wheel, the seat, and the road simultaneously. But you don’t feel anything you shouldn’t. Noticeable care has gone into the hand cut and sewn interior, and it pays off. There’s no neck craning or soreness after long drives. For technology, the ATS comes with Available Adaptive Forward Lighting and Park Assist, and standard Bose audio with Active Noise Cancellation. In short, the ATS is a great vehicle, one that admirably shoulders the the Dare Greatly challenge.

With daring at the heart of Cadillac’s design and manufacturing, the future is more exciting than ever. There is no discernible desire to rest on the achievements of the past. Instead, the company will keep pushing the envelope, leading drivers, and the industry as a whole, forward. To learn more about the 2017 Cadillac lineup, and the Dare Greatly campaign visit the link below.

Still Canada’s #1 GM Dealer

Capital GMC Buick Cadillac is the #1 GM Dealer in Canada.

Canada’s #1 GM Dealer

In 2017, Capital earned the title of Canada’s #1 GM dealer for the eighth straight year! We were also named DealerRater’s Dealer of the Year for GMC, Buick, and Cadillac Saskatchewan, as well as Dealer of the Year for GMC Canada! We also set the world record for most “dealers” per paragraph!


  • #1 GM Dealer in Canada (New & Used)
  • DealerRater Dealer of the Year – GMC Canada
    • GMC Saskatchewan 
    • Buick Saskatchewan
    • Cadillac Saskatchewan
  • Top 16 in 16 Award
  • GM President’s Award
  • #1 Certified Pre-Owned Retailer in Canada

We’re especially proud of our DealerRater awards because they’re based on the feedback of real customers. Through every step of the car-buying process, no one knows us better than you, our customer! So, there is no one whose feedback we value more. We always welcome feedback and use it to continually improve our service.

First-Class Lineup

It doesn’t hurt that we sell vehicles we believe in. GMC’s lineup has the dependability and performance to satisfy any professional-grade task. Buick and Cadillac, meanwhile, have literally hundreds of years of combined experience in the auto industry. The Buick lineup exudes sophistication, while Cadillac vehicles are the proven kings of the road. Whether you prioritize fuel economy, dependability, speed, or style (or all of the above), you’ll find the right vehicle in our inventory.

Moving forward, we’ll continue working hard to provide our customers with the best possible experience. We’re always proud of our awards, but we place greater value in serving the people of our community to the best of our ability.