Top 5 Things to Know About Paint Protection Film

So, you’ve already bought a shiny new whip. You probably want it to last a long time. You know very well that a vehicle is a huge investment. We don’t need to tell you that. You’re spending money on a piece of machinery that you probably rely on, so why not protect it to keep it looking like new? But what can you possibly do to protect your new purchase?

Enter, Xpel Paint Protection Film.

LEVEL UP: Level and Lift Trucks at Capital Customs

Lift and Level Trucks at Capital Customs in Regina

Get On Our Level

You’ve seen them: the trucks that look like they just drove off the set of Pimp My Ride. Spinners, PS4 and hot tub in the back; completely obscene and impossible to drive. Well, we don’t do any of that. We do the good stuff. The accessories that exude style, but don’t scream “I’M A SCHMUCK”. I mean, if you want that, we can do it… And we can guarantee it will be done well and within reason (sorry, no hot tubs).

Our ultimate goal is making your vehicle stand out from all the other trucks on the road. Capital Customs creates visionary trucks for individuals. We get to know you, what you want in a modification, and how to fit it into your budget.