Coverage Coverage: Understanding Your GM Warranty

GM Warranty

Without a warranty, you’d be responsible for out-of-pocket repair costs that can really add up. So, knowing your warranty is an important part of responsible vehicle ownership. Most owners of new vehicles don’t think too carefully about the warranty. What’s included in the powertrain? Can you void your warranty? Is an extended GM warranty worth the cost? We have the answers to help you understand your warranty.

Powertrain Warranty

In the simplest terms, the powertrain is the system that propels your car. Primarily, the powertrain is made up of the engine, transmission, and transaxle. These are the most critical components of your vehicle. Consequently, manufacturers rigorously test their performance and durability and offer greater coverage for defects and faults. New GMC vehicles come with a five-year/160,000 kilometre powertrain warranty.  – whichever comes first. Click here for a full list of powertrain components. But the powertrain warranty is not the only coverage you get.

Basic GM Warranty

Basic warranty, or New Vehicle Limited Warranty, primarily covers defects in most factory-installed parts. New GMC vehicles are covered by a three-year/60,000km base warranty. GM base warranties cover the provided tires, a service some manufacturers do not offer.

Void Warranty

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you can void your warranty through negligence or misconduct. Most importantly, you can’t neglect routine maintenance. If you never get an oil change, your GM warranty isn’t going to cover the destroyed cylinder heads. So, follow your manufacturer’s service schedule detailed in the owner’s manual.

You don’t need to have all service performed at Capital GMC, but choosing GM Certified Service offers some important advantages:

  • Service records and receipts in one place
  • Manufacturer-approved repairs from factory-certified technicians
  • Saskatchewan’s largest parts department

If you do have service performed at any other shop, make sure you keep the receipts and service records, so that you can demonstrate you had the appropriate work performed at the regular intervals. However, certain types of work will void your warranty regardless.

Before you install a lift kit, aftermarket shocks, and a turbo kit, you should know that certain modifications can also void your warranty. If you want to customise your vehicle, bring it to Capital Customs and we’ll be sure to use manufacturer-approved parts and accessories, as well as install them correctly. Just ask our knowledgeable team and they’ll make sure that your warranty remains intact.

Extended Warranty?

A GM Protection Plan offers extended coverage for your vehicle. But is it worth the investment? Well, that depends on a lot of factors. First, only buy one if you’re planning on owning your vehicle for the long term. Second, if you rely on your vehicle for your livelihood, you may not be able to afford the surprise of serious repairs.

The most fiscally prudent drivers budget $2,000 per year for vehicle maintenance (for vehicles not under warranty). So, if your warranty will cost you less than that (it will!), then it may be a good idea. GM Protection Plans come in three varieties Total Plus, Custom, and Powertrain. You can learn more about GM Protection Plans here.


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