LEVEL UP: Level and Lift Trucks at Capital Customs

Lift and Level Trucks at Capital Customs in Regina

Get On Our Level

You’ve seen them: the trucks that look like they just drove off the set of Pimp My Ride. Spinners, PS4 and hot tub in the back; completely obscene and impossible to drive. Well, we don’t do any of that. We do the good stuff. The accessories that exude style, but don’t scream “I’M A SCHMUCK”. I mean, if you want that, we can do it… And we can guarantee it will be done well and within reason (sorry, no hot tubs).

Our ultimate goal is making your vehicle stand out from all the other trucks on the road. Capital Customs creates visionary trucks for individuals. We get to know you, what you want in a modification, and how to fit it into your budget.

Lift or Level? What’s the Diff?

We can customize anything!
Black GMC Sierra custom truck with level kit, wheels, and more.

Level or lift? Well, both kits technically lift the truck a little. The difference is how much lift. In the past, we’ve done a TON of lift trucks. Literally filling the lot. Now, we are seeing a trend in level kits. People want the aggressive stance of a lift, but not as much height. And we are here for it. 

First, let’s talk lifts. If you want a custom truck that truly turns heads, think about a lift kit. You’ll get an extra 4”-6” in height suspension and when you add wheels… Just whoa. It really changes the look, feel, and style of the truck. You’re no longer every-other-truck on the road. Old or new, we can update your truck with a BDS lift kit. Typically, a high-quality lift kit with installation is about $6000. But then you’ll want to include wheels, tires, and mud flaps at the bare minimum. So you’re actually reaching closer to $10,000 when it’s all said and done.

The level kit has been gaining much more traction for our customers. Why? Well, it could be a number of things (levelling a truck has heaps of benefits). First, the price tag: you can level a truck and get a full set of wheels and tires for less than the price of a lift kit installation, about $1250 installed. You don’t get the “lift” height, but you gain more clearance with an extra 1.5”-2”, can upgrade to bigger tires than the factory, and it’ll still (probably) fit in your garage.


When we install any aftermarket accessory, safety is number one priority. We will not allow any installation of parts that will put you or your passengers at risk. We know what works on trucks (cars and SUVs too) and what just doesn’t work. It all comes down to experience. We’ve been accessorizing trucks for a long time. We’re dedicated to making sure everything fits where it should and runs properly. As a supplier of several aftermarket manufacturer parts, we get to know the specifications and want to ensure we are meeting or exceeding expectations for the manufacturer and YOU.

Will Aftermarket Accessories Affect My Warranty?

When Capital Customs installs any aftermarket part, we will ensure that it will not void your factory warranty. The vehicle manufacturer will not cover any warranty on the aftermarket part, but the part manufacturer will. So you’re good there.

When you invest in custom accessories, you’re covered. Within reason, of course. The manufacturer covers part warranty – so if something breaks, you can get it replaced. Capital Customs stands behind the installation of the aftermarket parts and covers the labour to have it reinstalled if something goes wrong within 3 years or 60,000 km.

However, if you’re bagging the truck and driving like a nimrod, the part may be covered under warranty, but the labour is not covered. If you’re an average driver and something comes unhinged, then the labour is covered. It’s really determined on a case-by-case basis but we’re the only dealer that will cover the warranty on our own labour. Schmeaton down the street won’t touch warranty for aftermarket parts that you had installed here. Basically, if we do it, bring it back here if something isn’t working.

Popular Accessories

Capital Customs has established a solid reputation with some of the best aftermarket accessory manufacturers. We can get lower prices than almost anyone else and make sure you’re not overpaying (or getting low-quality junk).

  1. Wheels are probably the easiest and most popular way to make your truck a little more interesting. FUEL, RBP, and XD-Series are on the best-seller list. The tires that go on the wheels are Toyo or Goodyear brand 9 times out of 10.
  2. We use ReadyLIFT level kits and BDS lift kits almost exclusively. They’re the best quality and the best price point.
  3. Mud flaps. They’re essential when you level or lift. We have a ton of options, GM-brand to Long John style mud flaps. Protect your investment!
  4. Side steps, running boards, whatever you call them – they’re a great asset to a truck.
  5. Exhaust is an excellent way to add a new sound to your truck, or any vehicle for that matter, and won’t break the bank. Simply add exhaust tips to give a little extra flair to the truck or go all out with a full exhaust system.

Notable mentions:

Intake, Rhino spray-in liner, debadging, and custom decals are among other popular accessories we do on a regular basis. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to giving your truck a new life or adding more personality to a new truck. We are constantly working on GMC Sierras, but we’ve done work on several Chevy Silverados, Ford F-150s, Dodge Ram trucks, and even older trucks!

You Can Finance Your Accessories!

Capital Customs will take care of you. If you are thinking about upgrading to some crazy accessories or just want to add something subtle, you can! And you don’t even need the cash upfront.

If you’re purchasing a vehicle from Capital GMC, talk to your Product Specialist or stop by the Accessories Department and we can add accessories to your financing term. If you already own your vehicle or want to add accessories after you purchased, we now have financing available so you can purchase your accessories and pay later!*

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your ride with some incredible accessories; give your older truck new life or add some spice to a new one.

*Terms and conditions apply. On approved credit. Apply in-store.

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