Diversity at Capital: Our Team is Our Strength

Our team is full of amazing people with different languages and experiences to make your dealership experience the best one!

Ask anyone in our dealership about why they enjoy working here. One of the most popular things you’ll hear is, “It’s the people.” And it’s true! Our team is made up of some of the most friendly people with amazing knowledge and experiences that help them help you. Our diversity is one of our strengths.

Girl Power ✌️

Ladies first! The strong women in our business is one of our secrets to success! In a male-dominated industry, our strength is the capable women that make this place go ‘round. We have women in every aspect of our dealership making things run behind the scenes or smack-dab in the middle of it.

Let’s start with Sales. Our New Car Sales Manager, Sharon, has been in the car industry for almost two decades! Can you imagine how much she has learned from all those experiences? Hint: It’s a lot. She, along with the other women in our sales department make the sales process comfortable, fun, and keep it no-pressure. After all, buying a new vehicle can be stressful – wouldn’t you prefer to make it a fun experience? Denise is online helping people get answers and set up appointments when they visit our website and want to see vehicles in person. Hannah is one of the friendly faces you’ll see in the showroom to help you narrow down your inventory search, take a test drive, and show you all the amazing features available.

When you’re in for an oil change, you can find Danielle in our Oil Change Lane! She’ll make sure your vehicle has fresh fluids, properly aligned tires, and an encouraging hug on its way out (she’s really passionate about cars!) Need an appointment? Talk to Mackenzie, our Service Coordinator. She can also explain the Service Department process and show you around our facility! If you have an appointment for Service, you’ll likely talk to Colleen, one of our Service Advisors. She will help you analyze the situation, keep you updated on your appointment, and even fill your tires or washer fluid for free!! When your appointment is over, you’ll talk to one of the lovely Cashiers to complete the process. Caitlyn or Jo will go over your invoice, make sure you understand any documents included with it, and then make sure you had a pleasant experience. Finally, in the background is our Warranty Administrator, Mikayla. She makes sure that any warranty appointments and repairs are claimable and complete.

Behind the scenes, our hardworking Administrators are crunching numbers and making sure everything lines up. Lots of paperwork, bills of sale, financial transactions, records, paystubs, marketing, and oh yeah – hiring people! Debby, Bev, Louise, Blanche, Megan, Kimm, and Nikki keep the accounting aspects of the business together. Tamara and Shelley in HR make sure we’re all well behaved, updated with important information, and hire all of our lovely faces! Brandi, Kelsi, and Zoey are the friendly faces that greet you when you come in or when you call us. Finally, Cindy is our head of advertising and makes sure our sales are updated and correct. And we hold a LOT of sales (we just love saving you money!)

Women can (and do) work and succeed in a predominantly male industry. Just take a look at our amazing team!

Around The World 🌎

When you move to a new country, you learn about new cultures and people, but also take with you an entire lifetime of experiences from your home. Our Salespeople are incredibly diverse! You’re sure to find someone who relates to you or maybe you’ll learn something new from them. On our team, we have people born and raised in good ol’ Regina, people from smaller towns around Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland… Heck, there’s even someone from the Yukon and the ol’ US of A. But there are also many friendly faces with roots from across the ocean including Holland, India, Philippines, and Cambodia. That means we have a lot of language experience; our team can speak a multitude of languages, ranging from Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Khmer, Laos, Dutch, and American (lol). So if you know someone who wants automotive advice, but needs someone who can literally speak their language. We can help!

Jack of All Trades 👨‍🎨

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

We believe that having a variety of skills is beneficial. You can relate to more situations, whether someone is buying or servicing a vehicle. Our people come from all kinds of backgrounds and with that, come with all types of experiences both professionally and personally. It’s also what makes the team at Capital so great. There are many opportunities here for people to grow, adapt, learn, and face unique challenges that they may not have been able to experience before. You can also use the skills you learn from other jobs in the dealership! We have former restaurant managers, artists, pro football players, Mechanical Engineers, entrepreneurs, MMA fighters, and so much more! Those experiences help us relate to our customers and make the experience at Capital that much better.


So if you need someone you can relate to, we have the right person to help. Give our team a call for Sales, Service, Parts, Financing, and whatever you need. We’re happy to help.

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