Future Cadillac Lineup: XT6 and Escala Rumours

Cadillac Escala

In recent years, Cadillac has become known for delivering aggressively-styled sedans with true sporting performance. Even the base model engines provide robust performance. But the real star of the lineup has been the V-Series track-oriented models. And, of course, the Escalade remains a fixture of the lineup, as well as of the luxury SUV market generally. The lineup has been a little imbalanced, favouring cars. But that will soon change as Cadillac trims its sedans and adds some SUVs, starting with the new XT4.


2019 Cadillac XT4

In North America, SUVs and trucks are quickly supplanting cars as the most popular vehicles. As of right now, Cadillac only offers two, albeit strong, SUVs. There’s the compact luxury crossover, the XT5, and the veritable King of SUVs, the Escalade. They’re both exceptional in their own ways, but two crossovers does not constitute a robust lineup. Fortunately, Cadillac dealers are currently preparing to receive the new XT4 subcompact crossover. The XT4 is attractive, well-equipped, and, with a starting MSRP of $39,900, it should resonate with buyers. But it’s not the only SUV Cadillac is adding to its lineup.


Cadillac is also developing a three-row crossover to occupy the space between the XT5 and Escalade. The new vehicle will reportedly be called the XT6 and has already been spotted testing, although it doesn’t look quite production-ready. Based on its general shape, I think it’s safe to say that it shares most in common with the XT5. However, the XT6 will match the Escalade by offering seating for more than five passengers without the Escalade’s imposing price tags. So, XT6 is to Escalade like CT6 is to…


Reportedly, the XT6 isn’t the only new Cadillac vehicle on the horizon. In 2016, at an event in California, Cadillac revealed an aggressive new concept car, the Escala. On the outside, the Escala is a rush of sharp sheet metal and menacing LEDs. The interior, meanwhile, is at once minimalistic and restrained, relying on gray cloth, aluminum, leather, and walnut. But it was also quite aggressive, including unique features like three overlapping digital displays, a distinct rear cabin theme, and rear-seat entertainment.  

The stunning Escala concept has been informing the design of current Cadillac models. The most obvious resemblance is with the 2019 Cadillac CT6 which has adopted the dark grille, and LED slit-like headlights. But, after the Ciel and Elmiraj concepts failed to reach production, enthusiasts have expected inspiration will be the only thing to come from the Escala. But earlier this month, (then) president Johan De Nysschen revealed that a “halo vehicle” will enter production at the end of 2021, and that it will “stun the world.”

Although Cadillac hasn’t confirmed this halo car is the Escala, the name alone would provide a good analogue to the Escalade. The two vehicles would represent the best Cadillac has to offer for cars and SUVs respectively. Meanwhile, the bulk of the lineup would be comprised of the CT4, CT5, and CT6 on the car side; and the XT4, XT5, and XT6 on the crossover side. This portfolio would demonstrate perfect symmetry and help customers better understand the naming system and how each vehicle relates to the others.

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