7 Tips to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Fall

Get ready for fall

The leaves are changing colours and succumbing to gravity. The air is chilly and Autumn is officially here. Hopefully, we can experience it a little before the snow stays for good. We all know it’s only going to get colder and snowier from now on, so our experts want to help you keep your vehicle prepared for the unexpected and inevitable weather changes.

1. Check Your Fluids

Antifreeze can get diluted during the summer months so ensuring the engine’s fluid health will regulate the temperature. Go for an oil change when your car notifies you (or when your owner’s manual schedule dictates if you don’t have an Oil Life Monitor) and keep your engine happy and running smoothly.

Did you know that at Capital every 5th oil change is FREE? It’s a nice little treat to take care of your car. We’ll check all the underhood fluids while you’re here.

2. Slow Down and Check Your Brakes

As a fellow Regina driver, we’ve witnessed how many people brake excessively during their daily commute. As a precaution, having your brakes inspected will give you an indication of when you will (eventually) need to change your brake pads or rotors. Seasonal hazards and unpredictable weather can cause wear on your brakes so it’s best to get them checked out before the temperature drops.

Are your brakes already vocal? Brakes work hard, but sometimes they just need attention, kind of like a toddler who is asking you the same question for the 7,942nd time today.

3. Replace Your Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are pretty inexpensive and an easy way to keep your eyes on the road during the winter. With a clear windshield, you’ll be able to see upcoming vehicles, hazards, or snow drifts. Plus, wiper blades should be replaced approximately every six months. There are a variety of options for wiper blades depending on your needs and budget.

If you notice any streaks, curves, lifting, or squeaking from your wiper blades, it’s time to replace them.

4. Test Your Battery

We don’t mean your internal battery that needs a hot cup of java every morning. Your car battery goes through a LOT during the winter. Simply put, a questionable battery will not perform well in cold weather. You’ll be left stranded on a cold morning trying to wish for the car to start. Wishes won’t do much in our winter. You need to be prepared!

Pro tip: Most batteries can last years when the proper precautions are taken: avoid parasitic drains, infrequent starts, and prolonged exposure to hot and cold temperatures.

5. Keep Pumping Your Tires

When the temperature dips, the result is usually a low tire. All-weather tires are not meant for extremely cold weather like we get in Saskatchewan, but they do perform pretty well overall in our variable climate during the other three seasons. Keeping your tires inflated to the proper psi will ensure you are not causing premature tire wear.

Pro tip: Invest in a good set of winter tires and rims if your budget allows. We have seasonal tire storage available so you don’t have to use them as a nightstand!

6. Turn The Heat On!

It’s crucial to test out your heater before you really need it. If you wait until it’s -25 degrees to check your heat and it’s broken, you’re going to be one unhappy camper. Testing the front and rear window defroster should be the first things you try. Having the window clear will prevent accidents and allow you to see upcoming hazards – I said it before so it must be important, right?

Sometimes it is a little connection that is just out of place. If the heater is not functioning, talk to an Advisor to get to the bottom of it!

7. Prepare For The S-Word

Snow. It’s inevitable, people. We expect it every year, we just never know when. Keep a scraper and snow brush in your car for when you least expect it. I keep mine in there all year round – mostly laziness, not preparedness – but it’s a helpful tool for the unexpected blizzard.

Adding a pair of gloves, blanket, first aid kit, and flashlight are also some helpful tools to keep in your car or truck at all times.


During our Fabulous Fall Fix-Up, we’d be happy to help you get your vehicle ready for Fall. When you book your vehicle in for the Fall Maintenance Special, you get a giant bucket of services for only $149.95 + tax.

Vehicle Health Check

We go over every major component of your vehicle to make sure the whole thing is running well. Brakes, tires, engine cooling system, fuel system, steering, suspension, exhaust, and so much more. It’s a great way to get everything checked to make sure you have an idea of your vehicle health.

Alignment Check

How many potholes did you hit this summer? Too many, probably. Bring your vehicle into the experts for an alignment check to ensure you’re moving straight ahead. If you’re not, you can opt for the full wheel alignment and prevent uneven tire wear and vehicle pull by correcting the alignment.

Nitrogen Tire Flush

Filling tires with pure nitrogen can be beneficial during our winters because as the air changes, nitrogen molecules, which are substantially larger than oxygen, will keep your tires inflated longer than normal air. It also prevents wheel corrosion, increases handling, improves fuel economy, and lengthens tire life.

There you have it! Give us a call today at 306-525-5211 or book your appointment online for the Fabulous Fall Fix-Up!

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