GM Special Edition Trucks: Desert Fox

Earlier this week, automakers and enthusiasts from around the world congregated at the Dubai Motor Show. You know what that means! You don’t know what that means? Oh, neither do I. I didn’t even know Dubai had an auto show – not that I’m surprised. This is the city piloting (pun intended) a flying drone taxi service. So, they undoubtedly have some interesting ideas for the vehicles that stay on the ground, too. Somewhat surprisingly, it was GMC that made a splash at the show, with a one-off revival of the GM Special Edition Desert Fox truck. But it doesn’t actually quite live up to its namesake.

GMC Desert Fox

In 1971, GMC introduced the GMC Desert Fox. The special edition truck featured a unique paint job (Buckskin base with multicoloured stripes. Performance gear included dual CIBIE lamps, sport wheels, air conditioning, tilt steering, cruise control, etc…

Frankly the original Desert Fox looks much better than GMC’s new homage. That’s partly a consequence of the of the fact that the colour scheme shows much better in matte than gloss finish. And it’s partly a consequence that the shape of the new Sierra is far from retro (the black wheels don’t help either).

Check out this video which proves “the dunes are its playthings”– whatever the hell that means.


GM Special Edition

While the Desert Fox is probably an appropriate choice for the show, it’s not the most exciting GM special edition trucks they could have revived. Here are a couple trucks from the archives more deserving of their own renaissance.

Chevy Sno Chaser 1984

Could there possibly be a more suitable special edition for Saskatchewan? No, there could not. The super rare Chevrolet Sno Chaser of the 1984 model year was only sold in the snowiest American states. And some of them probably migrated north of the border to be closer to their natural habitat. The Sno Chaser was basically a Chevy Scottsdale ½ ton with (obviously) 4X4. Plus it had a unique cab spoiler and paint job.

Bring back the Sno Chaser!

GMC Jimmy Casa Grande

GM Special Edition Casa Grande

The GMC Jimmy Casa Grande is a Jimmy/Camper, and boy is it glorious. GM partnered with Chinook, a manufacturer of self-contained campers in the mid-seventies and they came up with the GMC Jimmy Casa Grande. As you can see from the photos, the Casa Grande had a completely unique colour scheme. More importantly, it had a dining area, a cooker, a fridge, and a sleeping compartment. It’s basically an Instagram pseudo-celebrity’s dream.

Only 1,800 Casa Grande/Blazer Chalets were ever produced, and very few have survived until the present day. To have GMC create a new Casa Grande special edition would be especially gratifying considering that they would first have to revive the beloved Jimmy nameplate.

Which GM special edition would you stick in your driveway (or sandbox)?

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