How To Use IntelliLink Voice Commands

GMC IntelliLink in the new 2017 Yukon Denali

The infotainment systems available in modern vehicles have become drastically more sophisticated over the past few years. But they’ve also become much more complicated. Which means they’re more dangerous to drivers. Yes, I concede that’s kind of a slippery slope argument. But the fact is this: you’re more likely to get distracted from the road swiping on a touch screen for the correct Bruno Mars song than you would by switching between radio presets. Admittedly, touch screens have been getting a little more responsive. That means drivers will spend less time concentrating on them. But the most important improvement to these systems, by far, is the introduction of voice commands. Being able to adjust the route of your navigation system without taking your eyes off the road is invaluable. But figuring out the right commands for your onboard assistant can be difficult. That’s why we’re going to run through some of the most important commands for your GM IntelliLink software.

IntelliLink Voice Commands

The first step is simple. To prepare your IntelliLink system for a voice command, press the voice command button on the steering wheel. Now you’re ready to use one of the command key


Say “audio” to bring up the audio controls menu. From there, you can cycle through options with manual controls, or continue with voice commands. The “play” command is very important. Saying “play” followed by an artist name, album name, song name, genre name, playlist name, audiobook name, or podcast name will launch the appropriate media from a USB or Bluetooth device compatible with IntelliLink. Of course, you can also use voice commands to control the radio. Say “Tune to (station frequency number) FM” to change the station.


The IntelliLink system can also control a Bluetooth-connected smartphone. To connect your phone, first say “Pair phone.” To change the connected phone, say “Change phone.” Once your phone is connected, you can use IntelliLink to make a phone call. Use commands “Call” or “Dial” followed by a contact name or the phone number in single digits: eg., “three, zero, six, five, five, five, one, two, three, four.”


One of the most important applications of the IntelliLink system’s voice command is navigation. Fumbling with Google Maps or tapping at your touchscreen while trying to navigate is extremely dangerous. Touch the voice command button then say “Navigation” or “Destination” to begin. From there, you can say “Address,” followed by the complete address of your destination; “Contact,” for directions to a person’s address; or “Point of Interest,” to bring up options about interesting locations. Finally, you can say “Cancel Route” to… cancel the route.


  • “Audio” – bring up the Audio menu
  • “Play” – followed by artist, album, song, genre, playlist, podcast, or audiobook
  • “Tune to” – followed by station number + “FM” or “AM”
  • “Call” or “Dial” – followed by contact name or phone digits
  • “Pair phone” – connect your phone via Bluetooth
  • “Change phone” – select a different phone to pair with Bluetooth
  • “Navigation” or “Destination” – followed address, contact name, or point of interest
  • “Cancel route” – stop navigating

Many new GM vehicles are equipped with IntelliLink functionality. However, many drivers don’t use it to its full potential. Mastering voice commands will help you stay focused on the road. That’s vitally important in a time when distracted driving is one our roadways’ greatest dangers. And, as a bonus, you get to feel a bit like Knight Rider.

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