What Are OEM Parts? Our Certified Experts Explain

OEM Parts explained!

The automotive industry is chock-full of confusing terms and ideas that are used frequently but never really explained. Have you heard of OEM parts? They’re an important part of your vehicle, especially when you need replacements, so why doesn’t anyone ever explain them? Have a seat, we’re here to help.

OEM and Other Acronyms

OEM refers to the Original Equipment Manufacturer, or literally the manufacturer of those parts. In our automotive world, it refers to the parts that were used to originally build or assemble the car. General Motors, for example, uses ACDelco parts as their original equipment manufacturer. So every GM vehicle is produced with ACDelco parts and when replacing parts in your GMC, Buick, Chevrolet, or Cadillac, ACDelco provides the replacement parts. The best part is that ACDelco also provides OEM parts for discontinued brands, like Pontiac, Hummer, and Saturn, so when you need a reliable part for your older vehicle, you know that the OEM brand will fit perfectly and work!

When you’re replacing batteries, brakes, or other worn down parts on your vehicle, you have the option to use OEM or aftermarket parts. We recommend OEM simply because they were the parts that were originally used in the vehicle. They have been tested and manufactured to work perfectly with GM models. So there’s no guesswork and you get exactly what you need.

What About Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts are an option when you need replacement parts. Aftermarket parts refer to off-brand parts that can go into your vehicle and usually fit well. The difference is that some Aftermarket parts are not covered under warranty and some modifications to your vehicle will not be covered under warranty (talk to our Service Experts for details on those mods).

If you are ever purchasing an aftermarket part from Capital Customs, our staff will let you know ahead of time the effects it will have on your vehicle. We don’t usually sell parts that will affect your warranty, but other businesses might. So just be aware of that.

What Parts Should Be Replaced With OEM?

Well, we prefer ACDelco to any other brand because they were used to originally build your vehicle, so that’s that. However, we do understand preferences and even though ACDelco is affordable, we know that some car fanatics will choose other favourite brands (no hard feelings). When it comes to engine components, we highly recommend Genuine GM OEM parts for your GM vehicle. They will fit perfectly, may have additional warranty, and they’re reliable. When you purchase another aftermarket brand, you just don’t get those guarantees.

What Kind of OEM Parts Does Capital Sell?

With other 24,000 part numbers in our inventory, it’s safe to say, “a lot!” We have pretty much anything you’ll need; alternators and starters, batteries, brakes, filters, fuel pumps, shocks and struts, wiper blades, and more. Plus, you’ll get great pricing on parts like grilles, mirrors, wheels, light assemblies, and more. In addition, we have 30-day Price Match Guarantee on tires and brakes. So if you find ACDelco or similar aftermarket brakes or one of our major tire brands at a better price within 30 days of purchase, we’ll refund you the difference!* That’s how passionate we are about getting you the best price.


So if you’re ever in need of parts, you know who to call. We will find the best part to fit your budget and your vehicle. Call our experts today!


*Buy the following aftermarket brake brands: ACDelco Professional or ACDelco Advantage AND/OR the following tire brands: BFGOODRICH, BRIDGESTONE, CONTINENTAL, DUNLOP, FIRESTONE, GENERAL, GOODYEAR, HANKOOK, KELLY, MICHELIN, PIRELLI, UNIROYAL, KUMHO and if you find a better price on similar aftermarket brake brands within 30 days of the purchase, we’ll refund the difference. Requires valid ad, written estimate or internet quote for identical new tire(s) AND/OR for select (Raybestos Professional, Wagner ThermoQuiet, Bendix, Satisfied Brakes, Raybestos Service Grade, Monroe/Certified, CarQuest Red, NAPA TruStop, Midas, Fountain Tire, KalTire, Centric, Wagner QuickStop) aftermarket brake pads, shoes, rotors or drums from a local competing retailer and installer located within 100 km of the dealer required during offer period for price match.

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