Super Cruise Expanding In 2020


As kids we would say, “look Mom, no hands” while driving our bikes. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to say that as an adult, while driving? Wonder no more! In two years, Cadillac will begin rolling out their Super Cruise feature in every vehicle in their lineup in 2020.

Years in the Making

Super Cruise first made an appearance in the 2018 Cadillac CT6. It uses advanced mapping, GPS, Lidar and a driver attention sensor system to give you a hands-free driving experience. This allowed drivers to tackle more than 160,000 miles of limited access freeways and highways in the U.S and Canada!

Only two years later, Super Cruise levels 2 and 3 autonomous driving system will expand into all Cadillac vehicles and the wider GM lineup in the year 2020. This amazing feature will not only be for the higher end of Cadillac’s lineup and will be available for all Cadillac enthusiasts, whether you have an XT5, an Escalade, or maybe the new XT4.

Another feature that’s being talked about is the vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V) option.

It’s currently limited to a single Cadillac, the CTS, but this will also be added to a few more vehicles in the lineup (no mention of specific models as of yet), but not until 2023. This is a function that allows vehicles to “speak” to one another in a sense, to avoid potential upcoming hazards like slippery roads or disabled vehicles by sending a warning message. Unfortunately this tech only works between CTS vehicles, so it will be very exciting to see it in action between more Cadillac models.

Cadillac spokesman, Donny Nordlicht said, “In the course of the next couple of years, by the end of the decade, our entire model range will either be heavily revised or all new models.”

Going Hands-Free

Super Cruise will take care of all driving functions (in the right driving conditions) and will also keep an “eye” on the driver’s attention to the road, making sure they are always aware and ready to retake control at any moment if needed. You do not need to keep your hands on the wheel or tug or pull at any time to remind the vehicle you’re there. The way it works is through a special Driver Attention Camera that is strategically placed inside the steering wheel. It has proprietary technology that can track your head movement and make sure your eyes are on the road, even through sunglasses.

You also have to be on the highway for Super Cruise to engage. Once you’re are on the road and ready to take the plunge to go handsfree, the first step is setting the adaptive cruise control. The System will then put a lock on your location to make sure you are on a mapped area with no other distractions around the vehicle. Now that the system is engaged, you will push the set button on the steering wheel. A grey coloured steering wheel icon on your dash will then turn green, notifying you that you are able to take your hands off the wheel! “Look, Mom! No Hands!”

But What If I Look Away?

Super Cruise has you covered! If you avert your eyes from the road, the infrared sensor from your dash will  start to warn you with a red light on the steering wheel and the driver seat will start to vibrate to get your attention back. In the event a driver does not respond to the warnings, Super Cruise will engage the hazards and slow the vehicle to a stop while contacting OnStar and if necessary, the appropriate personnel.

Super Cruise In GM Vehicles

According to GM Authority, after 2020, GM will also begin to introduce the Super Cruise to additional brands. It looks like we’re swiftly moving towards an autonomous future and we couldn’t be more excited. Come check out the groundbreaking Super Cruise feature for yourself in the CT6 at Saskatchewan’s largest Cadillac dealer, Capital Cadillac.


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