7 Fuel-Saving Tips to Save You Money

Anyone else reeling from gas prices lately? Ouch. It doesn’t look like the prices are lowering anytime soon, so we’ve rounded up some great tips to help you save fuel and avoid visiting the gas pumps too often.

Winter is Coming

The winter season is coming… eventually. Block heaters are a great way to keep your engine warm in the winter and to make starting easier. As the weather gets colder, oil gets thicker, thus making your engine work more to get going. Using a timer on your block heater will save you money on your electricity bill too.  Remote starters are also a game changer in the winter. Start it just a few minutes before you need to leave though. Newer engines don’t need as much time to warm up as older machines so you’ll just end up wasting gas and producing harmful emissions.


Cruise control is one of the best tools to use on the highway. You can set a speed and maintain a consistent speed to keep your fuel economy at a happy rate. That will make your wallet happy too. When you’re in the city, you can save 40% of your fuel consumption by avoiding hard braking, rapid acceleration, and aggressive driving. So stay smart on the road and relax when you’re behind the wheel.

Full of Air

Keeping your tires at the proper inflation will save your tires from wear and save you money at the pumps. When your tires are underinflated by 10 psi, you could be wasting 5% of your gas consumption. Keep an eye on your Tire Pressure Monitoring System, if your vehicle is equipped, or check your tires once a month. Let them cool down after driving for a few hours and check your door panel or owner’s manual for the recommended pressure.

Plan Ahead

No one enjoys sitting in traffic so avoiding construction and traffic jams while driving is optimal. But also planning all your errands in one trip will save time and money – that’s a win if you ask us! When your vehicle reaches peak operating temperature, it works better and reduces idling time. When you turn your engine off and start it up again, you’re actually using much less fuel than just letting it idle.

Use Air Conditioning

Using A/C in the summer is soothing, but it’s best to limit the time you have it blowing through the vents during city driving. You can save 20% of your fuel consumption by just rolling your window down and enjoying the fresh air. Feel free to cool your vehicle for a few minutes but keep the A/C use to a minimum. Highway driving, however, keeping the windows up and A/C on will save your aerodynamics and keep your engine working at a normal pace.

Slow Your Roll

Driving fast is exhilarating, sure, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. And it’s one of the worst things you can do to control your fuel costs. Choosing to go 120 km/h instead of 100 km/h, for example, will increase fuel consumption by 20%! You’ll definitely be visiting the gas stations more often. As an added bonus, posted speed limits are the law and they’re there for a reason. Speed limits inform drivers of the safest speed to maintain control of your vehicle, particularly in curves and off-ramps.  

Keeping Up With Maintenance

This one should be a no-brainer. A car that is properly maintained, including oil changes and air filters, will save you money at the pumps and your overall service bill. Regular oil changes keep your engine running at its best by keeping it clean and clear of contaminants of used, dirty oil. When you get your oil changed at Capital GMC Service, we also do a quick inspection which includes air filters to make sure you are saving the 10% consumption that you’d be losing with a clogged air filter.


What do you think is the most useful way to save fuel? Let us know in the comments.

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