Tire Storage: Protect Your Tires from the Elements with Capital

Capital Ford Lincoln Regina

Tire Storage at Capital: Free Up Some Extra Space!

Tire storage is essential for Saskatchewan seasons. We’re lucky enough to experience all four seasons, yes “lucky”. We also live in a place where many car owners know that winter tires are not the same as all-season tires. Winter tires are critical for surviving Saskatchewan’s harsh winters on the road, especially when Mother Nature can’t make up her mind and throws freezing rain at us the same week as a deep freeze.

Capital has the storage space to keep your off-season tires during the summer or winter. Our temperature-controlled storage space keeps tires at optimal temperatures: cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Your tires are protected from nature’s elements so they’re not diminished when you’re ready for them the next season.

Capital Ford Lincoln Regina

When you are ready for your tire swap, we’ll have them ready for you, just as you left them. Free up that extra space in your garage or balcony or basement, whatever. Let us take care of them for you.

Enjoy the convenience and benefits of Capital’s tire storage:

  • Secure, temperature-controlled facility.
  • More storage room for you in your home.
  • You don’t have to transport them from A to B. We’ll do the swap here too!
  • We treat you and your tires with respect and care.

Tire storage is available for just $49.95 per season.

For more information, just ask your service advisor or give us a call: 1-866-789-3032