Get Fit, Have Fun: The Vehicle Health Check

Capital GMC Vehicle Inspection

All Aboard the Health Train

Health is all the rage right now. Eating kale and quitting sugar are constant topics of conversation but have you ever considered the health of your vehicle? Taking care of your car is the same as taking care of yourself:

  • Regular checkups at the doctor for early detection of issues
  • Going to the doctor when you’re sick or not functioning properly
  • Eating the right things to keep you moving, energized, and working
  • Drinking lots of fluids to keep your system in check
  • Regular shots to prevent major diseases and the dreaded influenza virus

All of these are almost identical to keeping your vehicle running and healthy.

  • Annual or semi-annual inspections to ensure all vehicle parts of working well
  • Stopping by when your car is showing signs of wear or illness (check engine light, low tires, tire wear, etc.)
  • Making sure the right fuel is used to keep you on the road
  • All the fluids in your vehicle are essential to keep your truck cool, warm, and running efficiently
  • Oil changes are a critical step in preventing vehicle “illness”

The Doctor Will See You Now

The vehicle doctors at Capital GMC are able to examine, diagnose, and repair your vehicle’s health issues quickly and calmly. Our friendly Service Advisors will listen to your concerns and discuss the route you would like to take to address it. We will never complete a repair without your permission first. Our Advisors will relay any information you have provided to the technician that will diagnose and fix your vehicle. If the technician finds something during the repair that will cause more damage or affect your safety, they will notify the Advisor and let you know what we found. You can make the decision to have it repaired during that appointment or you can decide to wait. It’s always up to you!

Introducing the Vehicle Health Check

The Vehicle Health Check is an incredibly extensive inspection that covers your vehicle, bumper to bumper. We examine everything to ensure your vehicle is running properly.

  • We inspect and top up all the fluids in your vehicle (there are more than you think! It’s not just washer fluid and coolant…)
  • We complete a 4-wheel tire rotation and inspection. This includes tire pressure monitoring (if applicable), tire wear, wheel condition, tread depth, proper inflation levels, and even your spare tire.
  • We check the restraint system. The restraint system includes the reminder lights (you know, when you’re driving and haven’t put your seatbelt on yet… tsk tsk), seat belts, and airbag covers.
  • Automatic or manual transmission and transaxle are inspected.
  • We check the fuel system to ensure it is working efficiently and your fuel isn’t leaking or being wasted.
  • Critical for summer, the engine cooling system is inspected to make sure the coolant is free of leaks, contamination, and other issues that could cause your summer vacation plans to be derailed.
  • We pump the brakes on brake issues. The braking system is fully inspected including the lines, hoses, rotors, drums, calipers, parking brake, and remaining pad life. We eat a Kit Kat after this one.
  • Drive straight into summer plans with the steering and suspension check. Our technicians investigate the front and rear suspension, steering system, power steering lines and hoses, and even clean out the drive axle boot/drive seals if necessary.
  • Don’t count on the weather, but count on the weather-strip lubrication of your vehicle. We apply dielectric silicone grease on all exterior weather-stripping.
  • Finally, we’re not exhausted when we take a look at the exhaust system to ensure the entire system is functioning properly without degradation.

Save Some Cash

The entire goal of the Vehicle Health Check is to prevent bigger problems from popping up unannounced. We check the most crucial parts of your vehicle to ensure they are not showing any signs of damage, wear, or dysfunction. If we find something, we will notify you. We will educate you on what we find, including an extensive list of what is passing, what you need to keep an eye on, and what needs immediate attention. We’re not going to fix it without your approval.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Same logic for your car. Except the apple is an oil change and it’s not needed daily… But you get it. When you’re taking care of your vehicle with scheduled maintenance, you’re preventing a lot of repairs down the road. If you spend a little cash now to ensure the health of your vehicle, you will end up saving money later on if something major, like an engine repair, occurs. Preventing an engine repair can be as easy as coming in for regular checkups and maintenance.

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