Vehicle Maintenance: Is It Worth It?

Is Vehicle Maintenance worth it?

You spent all that money on a vehicle – do you really need to pay to maintain it too? The short answer: yes, if you want to save money and keep your vehicle in peak condition.

Preventative Maintenance

If you’re the kind of person that goes to the dentist every 6 months or optometrist every 2 years, you understand the concept of preventative maintenance. You go to a specialist on a regular schedule to make sure your teeth and eyes are healthy.

It’s the same idea for your car! You bring it in on a schedule so our experts can perform routine tests to check out the critical pieces of machinery that keep your vehicle healthy.

Breaking It Down

The cost of maintenance isn’t as much as you would think. It actually works out to less than if you were to need a major repair later on. Plus, when you maintain your vehicle and plan on upgrading later on, your vehicle will likely be valued higher than if you didn’t maintain it at all (aside from oil changes – definitely do not skip those.)

Whether your vehicle is a few years old or you’ve put some mileage on, your driving habits will change the maintenance you need on a regular basis. The engine and fuel type will make a slight difference, but the basics are usually the same. Your owner’s manual is a great resource to make sure your maintenance is being performed at the right times and you’re not paying for services you don’t necessarily need.

GMC Owner’s Manuals:

Buick Owner’s Manuals:

Cadillac Owner’s Manuals:

Chevrolet Owner’s Manuals:

What’s Included in “Maintenance”?

Maintenance, put simply, is performing services on your vehicle that prevent failure later on or keep the vehicle running smoothly for optimal performance. The top maintenance services would be oil changes and tire rotations; they’re the easiest to perform and provide some of the highest return on investment.

There are things you can do at home to prevent catastrophic changes in your vehicle:

  • Check the engine oil whenever you fuel up. Look at the colour and amount of oil on the dipstick to give you an idea of your engine health.
  • Check tire pressure, inspect tires for wear, and check washer fluid once per month.
  • Change your wipers every 6 months.

Come to visit us for these important maintenance items:

  1. Tire Rotation: should be every 8000-13,000 kms, which works out to approximately every six months.
  2. Oil Change: most newer vehicles have oil life monitors to indicate when an oil change is required based on your vehicle age, driving habits, and driving environment.
    Shameless plug: At every oil change performed at Capital GMC, we do an overall check for you which includes: oil and filter change, fluids check and fill if needed, wiper check, air or nitrogen tire inflation, tire wear, fluid leaks, air filter, chassis lubrication, quick alignment check, factory updates, and more. Plus, when you visit Capital GMC for your oil changes, every 5th oil change is free! No loyalty sign up required, just make sure you have one of our key tags to keep track!

Am I Just Wasting Money?

No. That’s a common misconception. You’ve probably invested a good chunk of money into purchasing your vehicle, why would you just let the vehicle wither away (along with all that money you paid for it)? Spending a few bucks to keep your vehicle running smoothly will save you thousands in the long run. The cost of rebuilding or purchasing a new engine will far outweigh the maintenance costs to keep it running well in the first place. Rotating your tires will keep the wear even so your tires will last longer and you can invest in tires less often.

Another important piece of advice is to leave the repairs to the pros. While some repairs may seem simple, the computerized technology in many newer vehicles can cause issues for the DIYer without the proper equipment and training. Our technicians are trained in GM vehicles and have experience working with all makes and models. We have the facility, equipment, and knowledge to get the job done efficiently and properly. We save you the stress of doing it on your own!

Capital GMC Service is happy to help you with any maintenance or repairs. You can book an appointment with our technicians or stop by for quick service!

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